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How can you find new clients with cutting-edge media?

Passdock provides you with the details of millions of highly-profiled customers that you can promote your products and services to.

Just add a PASS download link in your promotional posts or a landing page newsletter registration link to massively increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns (as well as SMS campaigns and EMAIL).

With Passdock advertising campaigns, you can send out cutting-edge online offers and raise the visibility of your brand. your social media marketing partner


  1. Bring new customers to your business.
  2. No SPAM: our databases are certified and all participants consented to the processing of personal data and agreed to receive promotional messages.
  3. Sophisticated profiling: up to 21 profiling fields per user. You can identify the exact type of customers to contact.
  4. Increase visits to your social channels.

Passdock, the complete platform for your digital marketing.

Pass, WiFi, Adv, SMS, Email campaigns. All in one tool.

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