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sms passdock
sms passdock

With Passdock you can:

  • reach your customers via SMS whenever you want, wherever you want;
  • easily create an SMS campaign;
  • send SMS from custom senders to promote your products. your social media marketing partner


  1. You can import contacts and address books from FTP, SFTP, HTTP and web services;
  2. you can insert pass links into sms messages;
  3. personalise text messages with the dynamic user fields;
  4. create lists with filters for scheduled messages;
  5. view detailed statistics and real-time data;
  6. enjoy fast delivery;
  7. save money thanks to the low-cost SMS service;
  8. benefit from a stable service due to direct agreements with domestic and foreign operators.

Passdock, the complete platform for your digital marketing.

Pass, WiFi, Adv, SMS, Email campaigns. All in one tool.

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