Create Passbook passes: Provide services, promote, keep your clients updated real time

Enhance your business

Passdock is the best way to implement your specific mobile marketing strategies, incorporating into the general marketing mix strategy new possibilities of interaction with your clients at a low cost.

Thanks to the great innovation brought about by Apple in the world of mobile applications with the introduction of Passbook, companies and developers today can take advantage of a convenient and customized service where direct contact with their customers is obtained.

Indeed the end user can be reached via real-time notifications and messages functional to geolocation.

Passbook represents much more than just a portfolio of digital cards to keep order into your Iphone, marking a turning point in consumer behavior.


Interact with your customers

For developers and companies Passbook is a great way to make life easier for customers and be better able to meet their needs. The usability of the Passdock system makes it possible to create passes (customised) for Passbook, while being accessible to everyone. This establishes a relationship with the customer in a continuous and economical way, in terms of budget and time consumption.

Let's say you own a pizza takeaway and one of your clients is passing nearby. He could receive one of your personalized electronics coupons to take advantage of a 10% discount on the purchase of three pizza slices.

This is a modest example but clearly illustrates the enormous potential that Passdock reveals: Digital Marketing at negligible costs that improves customer loyalty and provides an advantageous service in real time.

This is definitely an opportunity that must be seized, albeit before the competition.

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